I think the time has come...

It's been a good, long ride, but I think the time has come for me to stop checking LJ. I don't plan on deleting anything, but I probably won't be around.

I will still be on Dreamwidth (at least for now), and I am on Facebook, so if you really want to keep in touch, PM me.

"Baby It's Cold Outside," Uncreeped

Inspired by the article I linked last time (again, TW for rapey stuff), I attempted my own de-creepified lyrics for the holiday song that's been annoying me the most. I also identified the voices as just "guest" and "host" to make it more gender-neutral. Feel free to give feedback or spread it around if you like it!

EDIT TO ADD: Now on Ao3 with a few revised lines.

Baby It's Cold Outside (revised and updated)

GUEST: I really can’t stay
HOST: They tell me it’s cold outside
G: I got to go ‘way
H: Be careful, it’s cold outside
G: This evening has been so very nice
H: I’m glad — I’ll help you ‘cross that ice
G: I’m glad I met your sister
H: I’m glad you’re jibin’ with her
G: This kind of thing’s what Christmas is for
H: It really is, yeah
G: I really have got to go but…
G: Well maybe just a half a drink more
H: Should you be driving??

G: I really must go
H: I’ll give you a ride, my dear
G: Just look at that snow
H: We’ll take our sweet time, my dear
G: It’s so hard to leave, we’re so cozy and warm
H: I’ll drive so careful through that storm
G: My mother will be getting worried
H: Let’s give her a call, yeah
G: The gossip stories won’t be denied
H: I’ll be there on your side
G: I really can’t stay
G: O but it’s cold outside!

(instrumental interlude)

H: Look, do you wanna stay?
G: I wanna be with you, dear
H: Well, why didn’t you say?
G: But I don’t know what I’ll hear
H: Well, who should complain, if I love you?
G: What’s that you say? You love me, too!
H: I guess I should’a said it
G: Say it again, please!
H: Instead of just assuming you knew
G: I should be brave and say it—
BOTH: O Baby, ‘cause I love you!

G: Just watchin’ the snow
H: O Baby, it’s cold outside
G: In the fireplace glow
H: O Baby, it’s cold outside
G: This evening has been so very grand
H: Out there’s a winter wonderland
G: It’s better to be together
H: This is the best Christmas ever!
G: We’re cuddled up side by side
Both: And here we will stay
‘Cause Baby, it’s cold
Baby it’s cold outside!

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Why are the Christmas songs stuck in my head ---

--- the ones that annoy me the most?

Glad to find I have backup in thinking "Baby It's Cold Outside" is creepy as hell. TL;DR quote: "Until the question of whether no means no has been cleared up permanently, we just don't need our Christmas songs adding to the confusion." (Trigger warnings for rapey stuff, especially the "Funny or Die" video.)

Santa Baby annoys me too. Apparently there's an element of satire to it, but still premised on the woman-as-gold-digger stereotype. Yeah, annoying.

Um, Merry Christmas, everybody? ^_^;

I actually have had a lovely Christmas. My sister mailed us homemade canned goods and Penzey's spices, my parents gave me a jigsaw puzzle I'd wanted, an origami book, and money, and we had a quiet, cozy day at home.

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Random Servals

I've randomly found myself looking at pictures of servals, and it's like somebody photoshopped the head of a housecat onto the body of a cheetah and didn't size-correct anything but the ears.

(And I got my Yuletide assignment drafted in time, yay! It still needs polishing though, and I'm dragging my feet on beta-hunting although I know I shouldn't.)

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Sexism and my Kindle

Odd thought train started when I opened my Kindle app today and I noticed that the kid reading under the tree in the splash image looks like a boy (at least they read that way to me), and I thought, why is that?

My first thought was that if the reader in the image was a girl/woman, men might feel less like the device was for them, in a way that doesn't tend to apply if women see an image of a boy/man. Old old point, women have to get used to identifying with male figures where men don't have to do the opposite.

And then I thought, on the other hand, if the Kindle was semi-personified like Siri or Alexa and had a female voice/persona, there wouldn't be any such barrier.

So I found myself musing that men are under cultural pressure to not use women's tools, but to be okay with using women as tools.

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Digital Manga Magazines

I found that something I have long wished for has come to pass, and my favorite manga magazines are now available in digital editions from Now I can get Hana to Yume (home of Yona of the Dawn) and LaLa (home of Natsume's Book of Friends and Snow White with the Red Hair), roughly as they come out in the original Japanese, without shelling out international shipping charges or precious shelf space. Another big perk of collecting the magazines is the frequent one-shot stories, which are hit or miss of course, but I like getting them in general. The issues only stay on sale for a limited time, though, so I'm playing a bit of catch-up right now.

When I'll actually manage to try to read these things, I'm not sure, but they make me happy.

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Medical Leave

I've been away from DW etc for awhile after having an emergency appendectomy about a week ago. Feeling much better, but per my doctor's note I still have this week before going back to work. I think I should be back on the ball by then, but in the meantime, glad to have the extra time to rest.

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Leave Hell on their Machine

I discovered a life-hack for calling your congress critters while socially anxious:

Call outside of office hours. That way you get to leave a message even if you're noping out of talking to a staffer.


PS, the Bernie people will make it extra easy.

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