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Belated Game Watching Festival

Something I've accepted about myself is that, while I love video games, I relate to them primarily through watching. I do like to play a game "casually" now and then, but my anxiety issues get in the way of playing them enough to satisfy my craving for them. But this is the age of YouTube! I can watch pretty much any game any time! For fannish canon-consumption/review purposes, I prefer uncommented longplays (World of Longplays is a good source; here's their YouTube channel)...

But I also love me some speedruns, and I especially love the Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathons! The winter one, Awesome Games Done Quick, just ended for 2017, and the videos are now up on YouTube: here's the playlist. I'm not very far into the list yet, but I've already enjoyed watching them break Ocarina of Time 3D and watching the very exciting Shovel Knight and Mega Man 1 races.

I discovered the Summer Games Done Quick archive last year (featuring blindfolded Symphony of the Night). Again, lousy ISP means streaming the events in real time isn't a thing for me, but dang, it's fun to catch up!

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NYR Draft Complete!

Yay! I have a complete draft of the New Year's Resolution story I wanted to do! Details are classified at this point, but there was a treat I considered doing during Yuletide; I swore off doing treats to focus on my main assignment (it was a good decision), but the bunny wouldn't leave, so here we are. I'm pretty pleased!

I think I'll read it through one more time this evening. Then, since I'm not on a strict deadline, I think it would be good to let it rest for a few days or a week and go over it again, then I'll try to find a beta. Whether I'll have enough self-control to wait, we'll see...

(Also, many thanks to the person who did some recon for me! They know who they are.)

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Nintendo Switch Big Reveal

Live in about 15 minutes:

(I'm not like totally crazy "want it day 1" type hyped, but still wanted to watch.)

ETA for the high points: $299.99 pricetag, March 3rd release with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available same day. Dual motion controls with advanced haptic feedback.

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Fannish territory issues

Scanlation came out for the latest Akatsuki no Yona chapter, 134.5. It's a fluffy bit of New Years filler in which nothing much happens, and yet...

Should it bother me to be jossed?Collapse )

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Computer Update: False Alarm

Last night's drama was in my brain. The desktop will start up --- I'm posting from it right now --- it just took longer than I was used to, and I was nervous and impatient and didn't give it enough time last night.

So hopefully it will fly right! I'll have a bit of learning to trust again, but I'm already very relieved, and the mild embarrassment for my impatience is a lot better than the alternative of continued drama and running it back to town with heavy weather closing in.

Ahh, to hear DS Clock chiming again! (It's a little freeware thing; you can set it to ring the hours and chime the quarters like your computer is a grandfather clock.)

I haven't decided about my nighttime white noise, though. Usually I have an MP3 I play all night, but while the desktop was gone, I improvised by turning my old stereo on and tuning the FM dial to static. I got used to that; I might just stick with it.

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Right goes wrong goes right

Computer drama continues. Finally got the call that the desktop was ready, made the drive and picked it up, brought it home --- and it won't start up. Call the shop again in the morning... (This place has always been good before, honest.) [ETA: forgot to note, my portable hard drive where I actually keep my stuff was pronounced healthy, so having that back is a big help at least.]

On the comic relief side, though, guilty admission... Stuff like this is my catnip. Not the show, mind, which I haven't seen (although apparently the same people made K, whose first episode left me very cold). Reviews like this. Catnip. And good laughs.

Some choice bits:

"The extent of how mind-numbingly bad Hand Shakers is kind of just leaves you stunned. It's not even the kind of bad that would make you angry. It mostly just makes you question your life decisions up until that point, and wonder if there's a slight gas leak in your apartment." -Bamboo Dong

"It shouldn't really be possible for anime, because of its low framerate, to start showing signs of horrible decision-making in the time it takes you to blink twice in disbelief. But [...]" -Jacob Chapman

"[T]hese color atrocities are generally accompanied by a sense of direction and composition inspired by the sensation of being tossed drunkenly out of a bar. The specificity of that inspiration is important - GoHands shows don't just look drunk, they look like they are drunk while falling down a set of stairs. The GoHands experience is like being beaten to death by a Lisa Frank trapper keeper." -Nick Creamer

And a bonus, from Anime Feminist's preview:

"[One character's] breasts frequently look like water balloons containing eels fighting desperately to escape their airless grave." -Amelia Cook

Gods, if I had internet access that could actually do streaming, I might just have to watch the damn thing.

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Indulgence and chaos

Desktop computer is still in the shop. Waiting for the shop to call is stressful.

I didn't so much decide as observe after the fact: I'm pretty much on news blackout right now. I can't help a certain amount coming in because my Dad watches it all the time, and I'm still trusting the internet to pass along anything hugely important, but it all feels really raw. Even news sources I would normally be aligned with aren't something I have spoons for at this point.

On the upside, I ordered myself some translated manga volumes so I'll be caught up on the English releases of Yona (which currently stand at vol. 3 of 22, thank goodness for scanlations), and to start giving my Natsume Yuujinchou collection some love again.

While I was looking at my manga collection and deciding for sure what I wanted, it struck me that I had the old TokyoPop volumes of Loveless and hadn't read them in years, and I figured I'd take a look and see if I still liked it enough to hang onto it or even catch up. Long story short, probably not. More under the cut with vague allusions to BDSM, underage, and general WTFery.Collapse )

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Things Make a Post

I've been subscribing to a lot of people from the Friending Meme and several of you have returned the favor, so hello to all the new people! I don't really know what to do as far as an introduction post and whatever's on my profile is certainly way out of date, but hopefully we'll get to know each other as we go along. And feel free to talk to me and ask me things! ^_~

I would like to come back and focus on Dreamwidth more. Supposedly much of the world has moved on, but I've never found a platform that clicked for me as well as this. On Facebook it seems all too easy for even wonderful people to create a toxic stew, and I love my tumblr feed but I do not grok how to use the platform and feel like too much of an old dog to bother learning (humbling as that is). Dreamwidth, though, makes sense to me, and I think it at least potentially offers the right mix of independence and connection for me. So yes, here I plant my flag!

Moving on, a downer: my desktop computer is still in the shop. I called for an update yesterday but got an answering machine and didn't get a call back before they closed, so I'm still on the laptop at least for the weekend. I'm pretty chill but I do hope this gets sorted soon.

Once Upon a Fic is starting up again! I have enough projects going I don't plan to sign up this year, but I did it a few years ago and enjoyed it, so I want to signal-boost. If fairy-tale fic is up your alley, check it out!

I also belatedly realized that when I was gushing about Akatsuki no Yona in my Yuletide post-mortem post, I should totally have linked to videos! Depending on your region, you can watch the anime legit!free:
on Crunchyroll
at Funimation
Or, on Funimation's YouTube account:
Note, this is a show where character dynamism is very much a thing, so if our heroine seems like an airhead at first, don't worry, just give her time.
(I actually watched the FFF fansubs myself. My rural ISP is so crappy that torrents are more reliable and less trouble than streaming, although YouTube will work with enough coaxing and buffering.)

(Oh, I should crosspost my Yuletide assignment to FF.net, too...)

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Random fic rec request

I've come up curious about the "Fake Dating trope." Does anyone have some good examples to rec? Any fandom/pairing OK. Please keep it non-Explicit. Sub-10k would be easier on me, but feel free to go over for a really good specimen.

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The impact of a reverse-blade sword

I'm not doing the Snowflake challenge, but I've seen this prompt from it come up in my circle:

In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul.

For me, the obvious answer is Rurouni Kenshin (TV anime, through the end of the Kyoto arc). Whether it was the first time or just the time that brought it home, the stubborn compassion of this show really made a mark on me. This is a story where the opponents (or the best opponents) aren't evil people but have reasons for what they do, whether they've been wounded by trauma or have some kind of nobility in their own worldview. And it presented this not in the context of some gritty political story, but in a fun, engaging shonen sword-fight melodrama that met me where I was at the time. (In hindsight, it might be that the standard shonen formula was only really going to work on me once, and if so damn was I lucky this was my once). Now, there are villains in this who are just incorrigibly nasty and you can shamelessly cheer to see them go down, but even so, the show doesn't want them to die. And even with the opponents who are most deeply sympathetic, it doesn't mean you don't fight with all your strength to keep them from doing the hurtful things they intend to do.

But after this show I knew in a deep way that, in fiction and more importantly in real life, there was a healthier and more satisfying narrative to look for than "these are the bad guys, enjoy it when they get punished" --- that victory may be necessary, but healing and reconciliation are the true ideal. That's still a quality that I find compelling in fiction, and it still has a major effect on my moral and political outlook.

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